The golf ball that made golfers too good

  • Published on: 15 March 2019
  • Golf's distance debate, explained.

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    These days, pro golfers are hitting the ball far. Really far. And it's creating a problem: because modern golfers can reach the hole with fewer shots than before, older courses -- like Augusta National Golf Club, Oakmont Country Club, and others -- are becoming obsolete. Now, professional organizations, like the United States Golf Association, are struggling to find a solution for big powerful golfers like Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson, and Tiger Woods. While the jump in distance is due to lots of factors, conversation is centering on the controversial possibility of redesigning the golf ball to reduce distance. It'd be the latest turn in the ball's long history: Golf balls have evolved from "featheries," to gutties, to balata balls, and eventually dimpled modern balls. But the biggest, and most recent change? The almost-instantaneous switch from wound balls to solid core multilayer balls like the Titleist Pro V1.

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  • Runtime : 5:50
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  • Vox
    Vox   5 days ago

    Happy Friday everyone, thanks for watching our vidyas!

  • Jason Gillen
    Jason Gillen   16 minuts ago

    Actually almost everyone goes for the green in 2 on 13 at Augusta. You only lay up if you make a mistake off the tee.

  • Preston Hiller
    Preston Hiller   23 minuts ago

    I play tournament golf and I didn’t know that

  • Eduardo Arango
    Eduardo Arango   23 minuts ago

    For some reason, I can't think about golf without whistling the wii sports main theme.

  • Farid Athar
    Farid Athar   1 hours ago

    RealLife version of game updates making farming maps too easy

  • Gary TheCat
    Gary TheCat   1 hours ago

    Stupid argument. Same benefit for everyone and no one is really shooting 59's or under.

  • Sam Swing
    Sam Swing   1 hours ago

    So. That was a waste of time. Thanks Vox.

  • Angelo Sebastian Adlawan

    Innovation should always push forward. People who want to ban this ball are pulling back. It's not easier said than done, but the solution is to innovate stronger than the problem.

  • GoPostal
    GoPostal   2 hours ago

    Fun fact: the Gutta percha is still used in dentistry today for root canal treatment

  • Guy Friedman
    Guy Friedman   4 hours ago

    Why not have a different ball for every course?

  • Alex Pare
    Alex Pare   5 hours ago

    This guy doesn’t know anything about golf , every goes for 13 in 2 it’s not unique to bubba or anyone .

  • Shabbii
    Shabbii   5 hours ago

    This is the good kind of vox lol

  • YoeyYutch
    YoeyYutch   5 hours ago

    Nice video.Golf balls make a great history of design research project. One more interesting side note to the story is the Polar golf ball which has a 'self correcting' dimple design. You can get them but they're not allowed in tournaments. Recreational use only.

  • Glitchy Squid
    Glitchy Squid   6 hours ago

    "Are golf balls going too far?"Me: "Y not just make the green longer?""They just bought the land behind the field to add to the existing one."

  • MrXcman92
    MrXcman92   6 hours ago

    If they should go back to classic golf balls, maybe they should go back to classic wooden golf clubs too.

  • FlowHD
    FlowHD   6 hours ago

    So this video was pointless

  • Bodragon
    Bodragon   6 hours ago

    (4:34) - Why would a heavier ball fall out of the air more quickly?No, it wouldn't.It simply wouldn't.Show me the math!You ain't studied no physics, have you, bro?.

  • SavvySteak
    SavvySteak   7 hours ago

    Time to put trees on the green bois.

  • RahimMRyan
    RahimMRyan   8 hours ago

    The golf ball is flat. NASA is lying to you.

  • obsolete optics
    obsolete optics   8 hours ago

    Golf is the most resource-intensive, wasteful, bourgeois sport in existence, and needs to be abolished.

  • Joseph Hartline
    Joseph Hartline   8 hours ago

    One other thing that wasn't touched on in the video was the "Straight Ball" design. There was a golf ball that was designed to always fly straight and what caused this was the dimples on the side were shallower than the ring of dimples in the middle causing the ball to always fly straight. The PGA tested the ball and while it passed all of their tests they still banned it for not staying with the spirit of the game.

  • Kelso Bradshaw
    Kelso Bradshaw   9 hours ago

    stop trying to limit athletes. make the courses harder and longer

  • Timothy Driver
    Timothy Driver   9 hours ago

    I guess that explains why my brothers are so passionate about only using pro V1's when playing, they always said they were better but I never knew how it was possible

  • Meme
    Meme   9 hours ago

    Golf is more boring than baseball

  • Artofficial
    Artofficial   9 hours ago

    set a standard ball .. you are welcome

  • PolicePubliCallBox
    PolicePubliCallBox   9 hours ago

    “A heavier ball will fall out of the air more quickly” -gonna need some clarification on that. I thought Galileo’s thing was mass does not impact acceleration due to gravity?

  • Callum Stanley
    Callum Stanley   9 hours ago

    Omg people are sooooo dumb!!PERFECT PLAN FOR PERFECT BALL: fill ball with helium, quickly hit it with driver before it floats away, after hitting it wait till its above the hole, now get your nearby gun (if your American you should have a gun Down your pants) and shoot the ball, quickly run to the broken bits of ball in the hole and tape the pieces together! Boom...easy!

  • Dave M
    Dave M   10 hours ago

    The further we hit the ball, the more expensive the game becomes

  • Dave M
    Dave M   10 hours ago

    This was just a 5 minute titleist commercial

  • Jeffrey C
    Jeffrey C   10 hours ago

    Bro I do this in Wii golf all the time🤑🤑