Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing - A Breakdown

  • Published on: 14 March 2019
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    Bohemian Rhapsody won the Oscar for Best Editing... but it has terrible editing.

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  • Runtime : 13:11
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  • idklol
    idklol   1 hours ago

    i watched stalker the other day. every cut in that film is deliberate. fast-paced editing should only happen when a scene calls for it. it reminds me of shaun of the dead, where quick editing and zooms are used to great comedic effect. in bohemian rhapsody it seems like the editor was scared the audience will stop paying attention after a second.

  • Dylan O
    Dylan O   1 hours ago

    The Academy Awards are absolute

  • Master Lee
    Master Lee   2 hours ago

    That happens with 3 + 1 protagonists

  • Brandon Ramos
    Brandon Ramos   2 hours ago

    So stupid to have a living band involved in a biopic. All that happens is egos flare and the film suffers.

  • Nick T
    Nick T   2 hours ago

    The second they cast a hetero in the lead role of a queer icon I was over it

  • Fraser Bathgate
    Fraser Bathgate   3 hours ago

    I hear they're making a sequel to Bohemian Rhapsody, which I'm ok with since I felt the post live aid story needs to be told. But if they are going to do it, please get a director and an editor who know what they're doing.

  • MemeWarVeteran2016
    MemeWarVeteran2016   3 hours ago

    Some would say the Academy Awards these couple of years was more "agenda promoting" and "inclusive" than it traditionally was....

  • SealyMan
    SealyMan   4 hours ago

    The guy playing Brian May wasn't on set with the five other actors. That's why he is often shown alone and why editor had to use multiple shots of every members to be sure they have the same screen time (which I find totally stupid)

  • James Eagan
    James Eagan   4 hours ago

    Yes, the editing in this scene was subpar, but imo the cinematography was far worse. This film had a pretty big budget, so there is no excuse for such terrible lighting and obvious color correction work done in post. Fortunately, the rest of the film looked pretty decent and great in parts, but this scene in particular looked terrible. Looked like something you'd see in a deleted scene on a dvd - very unfinished looking. As far as the editing, it is easy to pick apart certain scenes but I felt that the overall pace and structure of the film was well-put together. Ottman is a very accomplished editor - so things like "required screen time" for each band member must have come into play to affect his decisions in a negative way.

  • shingshongshamalama
    shingshongshamalama   4 hours ago

    Because awards are garbage bullshit that mean nothing.They're just giant circlejerks for the film industry.

  • magicmagicman
    magicmagicman   5 hours ago

    A random youtube creator thinks they are an expert and knows better than the academy? Sounds about right.

  • Congalala
    Congalala   5 hours ago

    That's why there are so many shots of John just being silent and making weird faces lol

  • Night
    Night   5 hours ago

    The Oscars just give awards to movies with the most hype,not actually based on who's the best in the category.

  • GetSetVideo
    GetSetVideo   6 hours ago

    Interesting observation about the editing. I didn't notice this until you pointed it out. Either way, I found it hard to find Rami Malek convincing. Of course he looked pretty much like him which was great but the acting just didn't do it for me for some reason. And here he wins best actor so I guess I'm just missing something. I REALLY wanted to like the movie because I'm a huge Queen fan. All the hype had me excited and I was looking forward to it. But even though it had it's fun moments, I didn't really care for it. Does anyone feel this same way?

  • Zena Nesbit
    Zena Nesbit   6 hours ago

    Glad I'm not the only one who found the editing strange & thought the movie rushed by too quickly

  • Pataganja
    Pataganja   8 hours ago

    Is this why I got nauseous first time i saw it

  • sarah Owens
    sarah Owens   8 hours ago

    The band queen seems like a bunch of queens

  • Sub Roy
    Sub Roy   9 hours ago

    Thank you for this! I tried to recut the footage to make it into something workable (I'm a beginner editor and like to experiment with finished stuff), only to notice the fast cutting coverage just doesn't leave me any room to do that. This movie's a mess.

  • goldenreel
    goldenreel   10 hours ago

    Because the Academy is a political sham

  • The Krinklebein
    The Krinklebein   10 hours ago

    They got the oscar because the main character is gay I rest my case

  • bhunt799
    bhunt799   10 hours ago

    Think the editing in this movie is bad, watch Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. That movie is not only loaded with quick cuts but has scenes such as the scene where Han dies that feel incomplete.

  • jive talk
    jive talk   12 hours ago

    This movie is horrible... so watered down and disrespectful to Freddie Mercury

  • Pine Cone
    Pine Cone   12 hours ago

    This is almost like a YouTube sketch

  • Elric of Melniboné
    Elric of Melniboné   12 hours ago

    I'm sure John Ottman will call you youtube experts next time he'll have to make a movie without a director and with the restrictions the band members put on their screen time. You completely missed the point, bravo.

    ICY QUEUE   13 hours ago

    You forgot the scene when the tambourine didn't match the beat of the music

  • Pierrono
    Pierrono   13 hours ago

    I really didn’t notice any of this on my first view of the movie

  • Got memes?
    Got memes?   14 hours ago

    I thought it was a pretty bad movie over all. I don't really know the queen story but i always felt that the real story was twisted too much to make it a casual Hollywood movie

  • sO gUyS wE dId It
    sO gUyS wE dId It   14 hours ago

    Better editing would’ve made this movie way better, it was a great idea o recreate the story of one of the best bands and one of the best voices of all time.

  • Gerolf
    Gerolf   14 hours ago

    They had to have won it out of pity.

  • Richard Foran
    Richard Foran   15 hours ago

    Maybe its bad from an American consumers point of view. This about a British rock band after all. Perhaps if John wick and John maclane and John rambo were shooting russians and other axis nations the editing would be more to your yankee pallets sirs.