Wine Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Wine | Price Points | Epicurious

  • Published on: 14 March 2019
  • In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges wine expert Belinda Chang to guess which one of two wines is more expensive. Belinda breaks down sparkling, white, red, rosé and port wines and then gives her professional opinion!
    Belinda is a "James Beard Award-winning Wine Director and Wine Writer". You could call her a sommelier, but she doesn't really care for the term.

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    Wine Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Wine | Price Points | Epicurious
  • Runtime : 18:45
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  • Upstairs K
    Upstairs K   53 minuts ago

    Get Pewdiepie on here as a whiskey expert

  • Mark
    Mark   3 hours ago

    Goddamn she is creepy

  • Jeff Metcalfe
    Jeff Metcalfe   3 hours ago

    She looks exactly like you'd expect a wine expert to look.

  • Claire Pettie
    Claire Pettie   5 hours ago

    Repeating a comment below from @imitation is the greatest form of flattery - both for the irony and because it bears repeating - asking for another episode in this series with a "Water Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Water." I'd love to see what it is that Water Sommelier's do, and if it's really a universal thing.

  • Ex0rz
    Ex0rz   5 hours ago

    Too bad "expensive" wine doesnt equal good wine.

  • Normie weeb
    Normie weeb   5 hours ago

    Getting very drunk on camera challenge

  • Ravenkiko
    Ravenkiko   6 hours ago

    that can round might as well have been cut. no duh the can was gonna be cheaper. thought it might be a trick but nope just an idiot's decision

  • ahri
    ahri   7 hours ago

    I've only started drinking wines within the last few years and my pallete is not great. Wine is wine to me and I can't tell you if it's a blend nor how it was aged 😆

  • PetiteNomNom
    PetiteNomNom   9 hours ago

    The wine knowledge and vocabulary she possesses is truly impressive. Great personality as well!

  • Zishiro
    Zishiro   10 hours ago

    Adam Ruins Everything has taught me that Wine Experts are not Experts at all. Can't change my mind.

  • Skandar C
    Skandar C   10 hours ago

    Omg I loved her. She was fun and insightful. I had been waiting for a wine episode. As soon as she started drinking the Rosé I paused it and was like “hold on girl!” and popped out my $10 bottle of cheap but delicious rosé wine to drink along with her and be nerdy about it 🍷

  • slateflash
    slateflash   10 hours ago

    Really craving a glass of wine right now

  • Spongebob
    Spongebob   11 hours ago

    Guitarists guesses cheap vs expensive guitars

  • Kate Warner
    Kate Warner   11 hours ago

    Omg I’d love to get wine drunk with this amazing woman

  • StartCodonUST
    StartCodonUST   12 hours ago

    I am drinking a beer while I'm watching this. But it's an aged sour beer, New Belgium's Transatlantique Kriek (which really surpassed my expectations), so I feel like that makes it ok.

  • cragnog
    cragnog   12 hours ago

    We've waited a long time for a wine expert and she did not disappoint.

  • Rachelle
    Rachelle   13 hours ago

    I want her to be my best friend

  • William Nesse
    William Nesse   13 hours ago

    She didn't sample a more powerful red like a cab and I think all of the comparisons were between oaked vs non oaked, which has to make it easier. Pinot noir is great but it's not a full red wine that requires oak.

  • J.J. H
    J.J. H   13 hours ago

    Whoa whoa whoa... you’re saying there are BUBBLES in sparkling wine?!! Thank goodness we have an expert on hand! 😁

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden   13 hours ago

    Excellent content. She broke down so much information and how she senses it all and what it indicates. Kind of a restoration in the title "wine expert" where you here so much malarky that comes without basis.

  • Ina A
    Ina A   14 hours ago

    how do i get this job. WHAT DEGREE DO I TAKE

  • Jane Hutchins
    Jane Hutchins   14 hours ago

    Y’all her one unpainted nail was killing me 😂

  • Geoffrey Godshall
    Geoffrey Godshall   14 hours ago

    She's cute! If she's single, so am I. I love women, wine, and song. As they say, two outta three ain't bad. LOL

  • Sorab Wadia
    Sorab Wadia   14 hours ago

    Would be nice in these videos if we then got to know what those wines were....names, grapes, regions. Same goes for cheese, beer, salts, etc etc.

  • daneguitarist1
    daneguitarist1   14 hours ago

    Belinda is a hoot! I love it, id totally drink wine with herBelinda come kick it in kansas sometime!

  • Jeff K
    Jeff K   15 hours ago in a bottle, one in a can, I wonder which is cheaper -__-

  • etyer
    etyer   19 hours ago

    That's not lead foil over the wines. Winemakers stopped using lead foil in favor of aluminum decades ago due to risk of lead poisoning.

  • Lauren Mitchell
    Lauren Mitchell   19 hours ago