Mass shooting at Christchurch mosque

  • Published on: 15 March 2019
  • There is a "serious and evolving" situation with an active shooter in Christchurch, New Zealand, police commissioner Mike Bush said. In a statement read on TV 3 New Zealand, police said one person was in custody. Police said there are a number of causalities but did not specify how many. CBS News partner Newshub affiliates Erin Speedy, Tova O'Brien, Thomas Mead report.

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  • Ain hat
    Ain hat   4 hours ago

    Do not believe the story!You and I are all decent people with great compassion and there is plenty of death in the world to moan about.Thousands of people die every day due to:-military action of one country against another for what each of those countries believe is right(not their people necessarily) (just the day before Palestine and Israel had a missile shoot out)-crime in ghettos-Drug cartels-Resource exploitation in 3rd world countries-Cheap production without health and safety in developing countries-Child/human trafficking The list goes on and is largely unreported.This is only to put a perspective on this.Do not believe this as it is told!The mainstream media has consistently shown to be biased, to lie, to withhold or misrepresent evidence.So why should this be any different? Yes I am one of those people who believe all those shootings are either hoaxes or false flag. I believe this one to be a hoax.The next bit might be distressing for some but it has to be done."The smoking gun” for this one is the magazine. There are other good red flags and I will list a few but this one is by far the most damning.The Magazine in the HallwayWhen the shooter enters the mosque after he shoots the crawling man, there is a magazine on the floor, left in the hallway. We know for sure that it is a magazine because the shooter will go back later to that exact magazine and pick it up to reload his gun.How dd it get there?This indicates a hoax as hoaxes are always staged while a false flag is a crime blamed on some one else.There are lesser red flag and I will name a few but I urge anyone who hasn’t to watch the video as stomach churning as it might be the first time round but you will slowly realize something is not quite right. You can still watch it on Kiwi farm(just google it) ignore all the garbage on that site and find the video, it’s there.The 2 pedestrians.When the shooter walks up the mosque he comes across 2 pedestrians in front of the gate who look at him. They do not react…at all. A man in full swat gear with 2 guns with white writing all over(as in not looking like police) is coming towards you from a just parked car which is blaring out a British grenadier song(not sure if its that exactly) and walks towards the mosque and no reaction? And didn’t get shot either.Some are dead before shot.As the shooter walks into the main prayer room there is man coming into view left through the doorway he could not have been shot but lays there already. As he turns there is guy by the bench also no shot jet but dead. There are plenty more just watch it.The lack of blood and bullet holes.Yes it is true there is some pretty gory spots in the footage but then there is also the strange lack thereof. One man gets shot in the head on the carpet and its gory another gets shot in the head leaning against white wall and nothing. Again that’s just one of many.Lastly the 2 shoes Yes this sounds crazy to anyone to never have looked at all the shootings and other western “terror” attacks. Shoes where they should not be either 1 or 2. I will not get into any detail on past events but what normally happens is that 1 or 2 shoes stand next to the victim not as if thrown off due to explosion or fast displacement of the victim but rather just next to them. In this instance the shooter takes out a woman on the pavement, his last victim for this mosque. If you are in the mindset that this is real then this one is probably the most gruesome for you. She lays there pleading for help as he shoots her in the head twice(some people say what pops out by her arms is a blood pack used in movies, judge for yourself) next to her are her 2 shoes completely orderly. She lays the wrong way round to have fallen out of them so how did it happen?Please don’t think ill of me for questioning the narrative. I do not trust politicians, the mainstream media, big corporations and the military. I believe in the good of people over all. I believe in a better way of living without spending most of our life time working and paying taxes rather than enjoying our family and human nature. I believe there is a power structure in place which wants to keep us in this state of spending 80 percent of our time supporting this power structure. If you cannot remotely see agree with any of it just call me some names and be done with it but please do not question my humanity and compassion. Thanks for reading sorry for the distress this is causing.

  • steamed hams
    steamed hams   10 hours ago

    A terrorist is somebody who uses violence to push their ideas

  • Dito Radhya
    Dito Radhya   11 hours ago

    they didnt know the definition of teroris

  • No one
    No one   12 hours ago

    RAJA SHAID NAWAZ   14 hours ago

    I've just seen the film footage and it's looks fake because he picks ammunition from the ground just like playstation games so I think this another (FALSE FLAG) because when this guy goes in the mosque the first time and shoots people there's no blood splatter at all,but when he goes back again then you can see some also Muslims and this looks like FALSE FLAG and I don't know what whole AGENDA IS WITH THIS ?

  • Leffe Double
    Leffe Double   14 hours ago

    I have read many replies here and embarrassed to be a human. So this is the stage where we came to...God bless to the world!!! The WW3 is very near. I hope that you will not be dead!!!

  • Cyrus Jacobs
    Cyrus Jacobs   22 hours ago

    If he was Muslim he would be a TERRORIST, Not Gunman!!! But noooo he's White so he's just a guy with a Gun huh? Smh you people are ridiculous.

  • tbutt43
    tbutt43   22 hours ago

    It's the media and politicians that spread islamaphobia.

  • Nicholas Howard
    Nicholas Howard   1 days ago

    Correction it wasn’t a automatic I watched the video, it was single shot.

  • Dinoman 106
    Dinoman 106   1 days ago

    Ya allah ease the pain for all the dead peoples families. Ameen

  • hoffen
    hoffen   2 days ago

    Let me correct you : he's a terrorist not a gunman * 👍

  • catmandont100
    catmandont100   2 days ago

    The shooter was engaged in " Light-Skin-Ramadan "...…...You Started it, ISLAM.

  • Cost Segregation - Tax Deductions Up-Front

    This is not a matter of political preferences neither apocalyptic signals, it has more to do with the bad influence exerted by key and/or powerful characters, that by demonstrating the absence of good judgment and the flagrant manifestations of their racism and the lack of respect for human rights  (people like Trump) become the idealized example for murderers like the recent lunatic gunman/terrorist, who feel identified and motivated to act, maximizing the same sick tendencies of not respecting to others that they consider different.

  • Erős Pista
    Erős Pista   2 days ago

    He's a KIWI TERMINATOR! 🎥🚙🕌🐀💩🔫☠🚙->🚓🚑📺⚰

  • nelg55
    nelg55   2 days ago

    I have a copy of the whole went like this:He went to this mosque, started shooting everything in sight, went out to the street, ran back and forth while shooting, went back to his car, changed his gun, went back again to the mosque, shoots again, went back again to the street, shoots everyone again, went back to his car, drove away while shooting everywhere....WOW!! HE MUST BE ON CHEAT MODE!!! NOBODY NOTICED HIM!!

  • Nazi卐
    Nazi卐   2 days ago

    All muslims deserve to die.

  • zoroaster the great red dragon

    I'll be making a full video taking allllllllll these little scripts from each video of the real banned video untill the full video is re compiled .the whole video is illegal so we take bits and pieces from here and there .while you all follow the no comment videos. You all show subliminal messages with little scripts seens of the true video I'll be gathering them 😂 before falsehood Hollywood makes a submissive undermining subliminal movie with me and my family as the stars of the fake show

  • Ass Möde
    Ass Möde   2 days ago

    what did he say in the beginning? "jdfksljfdowk afternoon"

  • Earthdogbonzo3
    Earthdogbonzo3   2 days ago

    The message is clear: Close All the Mosques in the West, Contain Muslim immigration, and closely vet all established Muslim citizens. This is far from over and just beginning. The real message here is: WAKE UP!

  • Adreanna Shehan
    Adreanna Shehan   2 days ago

    Dang, these people are stupid! Im muslim so don't shoot me!

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone   2 days ago

    This shooting was horrifying, but not as horrifying as the Government plan to cause these shootings in an attempt to disarm and enslave good citizens !!!!!All venues should be armed. Your Governments and your ideologies are deceiving you that the gun is bad.......while they steal taxes from you and arm themselves to the teeth while forcing bad laws like THE GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES ACT......which is responsible for over 50 dead children and teachers in the USA.We all have an inalienable Right to protect ourselves AND OUR FAMILIES from the Democide of a Tyrannical Government, which History clearly shows is 10,000 times worse than this shooting.It is time for the citizens to stand up against these Politicians and News Media Networks who are each bribed and owned by the FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths) which are the World level Fractional Banking Systems and corrupt corporations who have a goal to disarm and enslave you for their personal profit.And they have pushed bad gun laws that have disarmed all city venues.....which removes the necessary deterrent to these crimes, and communicates to any budding psycho shooter that these venues are disarmed, easy access, killing fields !!!Do you see...... It is your own bribed politicians who force you tax payers to arm their Gov Buildings....while they force laws to disarm all your buildings throughout the cities.And when people are shot, and they will be shot - Because that is the Government plan to force mass disarmament of the common good citizens after these Gov planned shooting occur.....then the FEP Banksters can bribe your Gov to disarm and enslave you cows to pay the high interest on bad dept for thousands of years !!!!The FEP have chosen Kawaii and New Zealand to build bunkers and create away havens far from all the unrest that will occur when the FEP are ready to trigger the Economy Crash. And they have recently been buying allot of Real Estate in New Zealand.So you see why both Kawaii and New Zealand are outlawing guns.Remove all Democrat Politicians in 2020 !!!!

  • Stephen Childres
    Stephen Childres   3 days ago

    I guess they don’t know the difference between semi automatic and automatic or what a terrorist is

  • SuperJV4x
    SuperJV4x   3 days ago

    this is a fake false incident - that's why youtube is disabling videos that question it

  • Ant
    Ant   3 days ago

    who has the video link i lost the link?

  • Oyun Adam Gaming 2
    Oyun Adam Gaming 2   3 days ago

    New Zealand Mosque Attack Live

  • Ichsan H. Pranoto
    Ichsan H. Pranoto   3 days ago

    Everyone do TERRORISM ACT WAS TERRORIST... MOSLEM or NOT !! Eventhough Do Terrorism just in VERBAL !!

  • juanita auelua
    juanita auelua   3 days ago

    I never thought that something like this would ever happen in nz but it just goes to show that this shooting could happen in any country by any person that has a gun this was obviously a planned shooting this guy knew what he was doing or going to do he knew which people to target and at what time this is so devastating I'm not a muslim nor do I live in christchurch i live in auckland there are police down the road with guns protecting the shop keepers that are muslim alot of people lost there lives but the thing that hurts is that its not only adults its teenagers and kids too it makes me angry that people r going through this it should never have happened but being angry at wat this guy did is not going to bring back all the loved ones that lost there lives

  • FanofJesus
    FanofJesus   3 days ago

    Another False Flag brought to us by Mossad/CIA - when will we the sheeple say enough Is enough! They want race wars, they want religious wars, they want gender wars, they want sexual orientation wars...they want the sheeple divided because divided we are weak - when will we - Muslim, Christian, Jew, Black, Asian, White, Gay, Trans, who cares? We are the sheeple and we’re not into murdering each other - wake up! WE are not the problem - the cabal who controls our intelligence agencies FVEY - are the problem - Down with the cabal worldwide! Patriots in all countries Fight!

  • Youreverydaymemerm8
    Youreverydaymemerm8   3 days ago

    Rip all who died in the attack. This will not go unnoticed. Justice will be served and they will be remembered.

  • Madison Clark
    Madison Clark   3 days ago

    I live in New Zealand. The reason they did it here is to prove that no place is safe.