Ariana Grande - break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored

  • Published on: 08 February 2019
  • break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored (Official Video)

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    Video Director: Hannah Lux Davis
    Video Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
    for London Alley Entertainment Inc

    Music video by Ariana Grande performing break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • Runtime : 3:25
  • Ariana Grande break up with your girlfriend i'm bored Republic Records Pop


    JHON DALGO   1 minuts ago

    My favorite song from the new album !!! YAS YAS

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith   3 minuts ago

    That one is Reggie from Riverdale, if you guys didn't notice.

  • BG Garcia
    BG Garcia   6 minuts ago

    This song makes me want to steal my best friend girlfriend

  • simongosimon
    simongosimon   6 minuts ago

    Stop it with the hihats, its getting really old at this point Ariana

  • kyra jones
    kyra jones   9 minuts ago

    Like the name of this song is a straight up MOOD😂

  • Wendy Solberg
    Wendy Solberg   9 minuts ago

    This is my favorite song!!! I love you Ari. I wish I could come to your concert but I can't 😭

    IZZY VILLA   9 minuts ago

    There’s another possible meaning maybe she’s bored and sick of men so she’s saying she wants his girlfriend instead of him idk I think everything is gay lol I’m really gay

  • kyra jones
    kyra jones   10 minuts ago

    Love the name of the song😂 it’s a good song tho!

  • blueflames
    blueflames   11 minuts ago

    Ariana: break up with your girlfriend, im fucking boredKids this generation: its about self love lol how fucking stupid are you

  • Kisten Rnbw
    Kisten Rnbw   14 minuts ago

    Boy : im breakup with u.Girl : Why ?Boy : 'cause Ariana is bored !Logic.

  • K. Hurtado
    K. Hurtado   17 minuts ago

    Your next song should be called cute but sassy like if you agree

  • Jason Kelly
    Jason Kelly   18 minuts ago

    How do people actually listen to this and like it.....

  • Yolanda Tarango
    Yolanda Tarango   21 minuts ago

    i was at the spa (just to tell you i am 8 years old )and then i looked at some asian guy i was like dang he cute and i was getting a patecure with my mom and he said who is going first and my mom points at me and she knew i liked him so she pointed to me and all people in the spa start laughing cause my mom said me and then thus song comes up while he is doing my feet(his girlfriend was beside doing my moms) and then i start singing break up with your because i am bored and he looks in my eyes and gives me a eyecontact and i was like whata is happening and he is all if my girlfriend wasent here i would and smiled i was like in the inside my heart was almost out and i said "really?" my mother looked at him cofused and looked at his girlfriend again he said"of course you are really pretty and i see your cheaks are red" i was likw is he flirting with me and i asked him "are you flirting with me?" he said" maybe" and by niw we call eachother and yes i feel wierd now😂

  • Katie Sosa
    Katie Sosa   22 minuts ago

    I love ariana grande thank you next clean

  • TAOG
    TAOG   23 minuts ago

    if anyone listens to rap, i remixed this song on my channel, i think I'm the first rapper to do it 😁. Anyway, if you decide to watch it let me know in the comments if you like it or not ✌️

  • Darly Sodre
    Darly Sodre   28 minuts ago

    Quem nunca, o boy pensando que estava afim dele ,mais na verdade era na namorada dele 😂😂😂 pelo menos comigo já aconteceu ...

  • Soledad Díaz
    Soledad Díaz   34 minuts ago

    The girl is a mirror of her. She came back with herself.

  • Girly Girl
    Girly Girl   35 minuts ago

    did anyone see who the guy is?ITS REGGIE Where r ma riverdale fans at😜😝😋😱😎

  • Rebleygirl
    Rebleygirl   38 minuts ago

    I didnt see that coming.......

  • Karulla Adam
    Karulla Adam   40 minuts ago

    I don’t want to go to school today, I’m tired