Tesla Model Y Impressions!

  • Published on: 15 March 2019
  • Tesla Model Y honest first impression, test drive and hands-on! Oh, and some bonus Roadster time...

    Official site: https://tesla.com/ModelY

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  • Runtime : 7:30
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  • CG3
    CG3   11 hours ago

    that rear diffuser on the model Y makes and taller back makes it look so much better than model 3 rear

  • chaosdrgonlord
    chaosdrgonlord   13 hours ago

    any thoughts of making a video about the Toyota Mirai that runs on Hydrogen? please? :D

  • MatsueMusic
    MatsueMusic   14 hours ago

    Your right arm must be twice the size of your left.

  • Scott Reams
    Scott Reams   16 hours ago

    Something you may not be considering... the 3rd row legroom looked almost non-existent during the test rides. But that is because the 2nd row was moved all the way back. According the Franz, the 2nd row can be moved fore and aft, so you give up some legroom for that row in exchange for more 3rd row legroom. The fact that the seats sit up higher than the 3 and allow for more vertical legroom should make this work pretty well.

  • Reda
    Reda   17 hours ago

    How can people buy a car Without exhaust?

  • Reda
    Reda   17 hours ago

    Y? Because she’s sexy!

  • Eddie Gardner
    Eddie Gardner   19 hours ago

    Where is the missing flat roof and vertical rear door which creates the additional volume and useable roof rack of an SUV? This doesn't even look like an SUV, more like a slightly larger hatchback version of the Model 3. The third row better be used for midgets or extremely short people, or the family pets. The cars that traditional manufacturers are soon coming out with will be true SUVs, with room in row 3 for real-sized people or more useable cargo space; that may hurt Model Y sales, once they arrive.

  • TheTechie SAB
    TheTechie SAB   1 days ago

    We all know your name from the username. duh!

  • TheTechie SAB
    TheTechie SAB   1 days ago

    We all know your name from the username. duh!

  • ghanus2009
    ghanus2009   1 days ago

    S3XY - Why did it take me so long to get this?

  • aneebaba06
    aneebaba06   1 days ago

    So many 3's in So Cal..it's like they are reproducing like mad hahaha!

  • Logan Halsall
    Logan Halsall   1 days ago

    first time watching this guy prolly in years and the first vid i click on hes wearing red n black, this guy really loves that theme.

  • Jacob Tyler
    Jacob Tyler   1 days ago

    I'm sick of Musk and Tesla is highly overrated.

  • BeAn BeAn
    BeAn BeAn   1 days ago

    Model Y is a better car than the 3, damn it, this sucks because I only like sedans.

  • Eugene Sabales Gascon

    Please give me one of your reviewed phone, mr. MKBHD😉with all your photos on it, you are my iDoL men😎

  • microch1p
    microch1p   1 days ago

    Marques are you gonna buy the Tesla Roadster when it comes out

  • Tivoughn's Studio
    Tivoughn's Studio   1 days ago

    Bro do you even have a girlfriend? Or you just need it out like the rest of us😐

  • Chris Guerrero
    Chris Guerrero   1 days ago

    Looks like a beefed up Prius With the rear window delete

  • Chris Guerrero
    Chris Guerrero   1 days ago

    Yawn😴 Tesla best soccer mom SUVs made! When are they going to make a real SUV that you go rock crawling with? What a real SUVs supposed to be able to do not just do 3.5 seconds zero60

  • Kudo Kabua
    Kudo Kabua   1 days ago

    Please credit SimplyPops beat @the 2 minute mark

  • Mcjuggerfat
    Mcjuggerfat   1 days ago

    Lmao marques got busted and finally credited tommylee for the beat at 2:02

  • HighAndHopeful
    HighAndHopeful   1 days ago

    Thanks for stealing the beat from SimplyPops and his boy Tommy. Thats shitty.

  • Ha1frican
    Ha1frican   1 days ago

    So now they line spells out S3XY

  • 黄 黄
    黄 黄   1 days ago


  • Alex Ben
    Alex Ben   1 days ago

    its really amazing what Tesla has done, to "fuel" the need for Electric cars by big manufacturers like Toyota and Mercedes...

  • Pipa Cacao
    Pipa Cacao   1 days ago

    After that video showcasing how horrible and expensive Tesla maintenance and repairs are there is no way to make any of these videos look like their cars are worth it.

  • Papa Panther
    Papa Panther   1 days ago

    Tesla has some of the greatest quality cars, but they always looks like straight ass...

  • kyron williams
    kyron williams   1 days ago

    High Pass filter for video audio please. The wind is 30-55Hz.