Avengers: Endgame - Trailer 2 (My Thoughts)

  • Published on: 14 March 2019
  • A new trailer for AVENGERS: ENDGAME has hit out anticipating faces, so here are my thoughts on it!

    Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcMBFSGVi1c&t=1s

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  • Runtime : 3:45
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  • Ali Najem
    Ali Najem   11 hours ago

    l will wear a diaper, whatever it takes

  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma   11 hours ago

    i found the trailers to be crap but i guess they dont need marketing at this point and rather keep things a surprise

  • DrewMiller23
    DrewMiller23   21 hours ago

    Splendid editing for the Travolta Thanos bit.A+ Jeremy.

  • Karen Catizone
    Karen Catizone   21 hours ago

    This is honestly the one movie that could have not a single trailer and it would still end up being one of the most successful movies of all time. They honestly could have gone without a single trailer for this movie and people were still going to go.

  • Graham Lyon
    Graham Lyon   1 days ago

    Yo, waiting for another day in Hollywood. Cant wait to hear your opinion. I'm stoked

  • Jacob Pines
    Jacob Pines   1 days ago

    What about the way they look different on this trailer, compared to the previous? Paralel universes maybe?

  • thereisnocarolinHR
    thereisnocarolinHR   1 days ago

    Okay Jeremy, where is our once upon a time in Hollywood trailer reaction??

  • Tom Rath
    Tom Rath   1 days ago

    Jeremy you should make a video reacting to the recent Dumbledore/Grindelwald romance revelations. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Uros Petrovic
    Uros Petrovic   2 days ago

    hey love your videos, i can tell you don't really do anime on this channel tho. Not saying you should. But i just need more people to tell too watch mob psycho 100 because its second season is unimaginably amazing.

  • cdtowell
    cdtowell   2 days ago

    can white men see this one ?

  • WickedXombieBoi
    WickedXombieBoi   2 days ago

    Cap and Peggy can never be because of the fact that Peggy founded shield so to undo all the hero's that spawnened from shields existence would be a really dick move by cap just so he can have the woman he loves and goes against everything that he is lol

  • Spidey Viewer
    Spidey Viewer   2 days ago

    Maybe they're going after Thanos to make sure he can't just do the snap again?

  • mistletoemonkey
    mistletoemonkey   2 days ago

    Not related to the video really, but I just want to thank you for making your videos as long as they need to be and not uselessly padding them to make them longer. That's why I love you and I will stay subscribed and like all the videos!

  • Ankush S
    Ankush S   2 days ago

    im tired of this crap. Swordfish was awesome! everytime time cowing down to nonsense opinions, what would you prefer.. broken arrow? swordfish, butterfly effect, .. so many brilliant fun movies with a bad rap so next generation wont see...

  • kendamen
    kendamen   3 days ago

    I miss marvel heroes too…nothing on the market can fulfill it's gap.

  • TIG5574
    TIG5574   3 days ago

    Don't quote me on this, but I heard a rumor the last thirty minutes of the movie is Captain Marvel just punching Thanos in the face telling him to change it all back until he does. But apparently Josh Brolin performance here is suppose to be phenomenal.

  • King Prime
    King Prime   3 days ago

    Wait woah woah wait hold up!! GAMORA IS DEAD!!!??????????????????????

  • Jade
    Jade   3 days ago

    I loved this trailer

  • Jake Frazier
    Jake Frazier   3 days ago

    So that’s it, huh? We’re some kind of Avengers: Endgame - Trailer 2 (My Thoughts)?

  • Kelly Augustine
    Kelly Augustine   3 days ago

    Rule #1 - No drinking of any kind during these long ass movies. I learned that lesson the hard way with Return of the King and the 3000 endings of that movie. I could barely walk to the bathroom after the movie because I was in so much pain. When I got to the men's room, there was a freakin line of dudes. I walked past all of them and went right into an open stall. Nobody said a word...I must have looked pretty bad...

  • Tape challange
    Tape challange   3 days ago

    Thanos should have broken that bitches(cap marvel) face

  • Niko Niko
    Niko Niko   3 days ago

    00:07 my exact reaction when someone told me AEG new trailer was out

  • ws279 xL7
    ws279 xL7   4 days ago

    The trailer was amazing. I love how they gave us just a little bit just to keep us excited. Can't wait!

  • Jx-dama !
    Jx-dama !   4 days ago

    Captain marvel will set things straight, right after she finishes counting all the money she made..... may take a while lol

  • Aeros
    Aeros   4 days ago

    First of all, there's evidence to suggest thanos isn't the main antagonist in endgame. Also they went out publicly over a year ago stating that this movie will be on an entirely different level than infinity war was in terms of size and scope.

  • Majmun X
    Majmun X   4 days ago

    I almost never comment on your videos, just enjoy them, but you MUST watch and review Netfilx's Love, Death and Robots. That show is just out of this world!

  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt   4 days ago

    There in suits similar to ant man so they can go through the quantum realm (just a thought)

  • Jhon Bell
    Jhon Bell   4 days ago

    Haha laughed at the Swordfish Reference, have it on blue ray

  • Gabriela Clemente
    Gabriela Clemente   4 days ago

    I love how Jeremy was like “yeah, I’m not even gonna mention that little moment between Thor and Captain Marvel... ain’t nobody got time for that”. I respect that, man.(But I can’t help being a little disappointed... they dropped this trailer a week after Captain Marvel came out, this was supposed to be the first big Avengers trailer actually featuring Captain Marvel, and that’s all they had to show?)