The 2020 Kia Telluride Is Kia's New Family SUV

  • Published on: 14 March 2019


    The 2020 Kia Telluride is a new midsize family SUV. Today I will review the Kia Telluride, and I'm going to show you all the important things to know about the Telluride during my Kia Telluride review.

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  • Runtime : 22:51
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  • Fonzie
    Fonzie   1 hours ago

    Ugliest front end ive ever seen, thats saying a lot.. kia never fails to disgust me though so im not really surprised

  • Fonzie
    Fonzie   1 hours ago

    Cheap junky piece of shit with a slab of wood and tons of buttons in the interior to trick the yuppie consumers into thinking theyre driving a high end luxury car, lol cant wait to see these on the roads, not

  • MTS
    MTS   1 hours ago

    Gotta tell ya, feels like Doug didn't put his all into this review. The model he reviewed is not the one to purchase and I'm shocked that he reviewed the lower end version - although I suppose that is the one the majority will end up in. You absolutely must buy the SX, it's a totally different driving experience, totally different car really. It's little things, like having a turn signal camera in the gauge cluster that makes the car worth buying, the insane camera system, and a variety of other features that you do not get in the models below the SX. Buy the SX.

  • Sangeet Mullassery
    Sangeet Mullassery   2 hours ago

    Kia used to have the Mohave which was a seven seat suv larger than the Sorento.

  • Suave House
    Suave House   7 hours ago

    What you know about tailgate speed controller!!! lol 😂 KIA on that 2020 level

  • Samuel Mayieka
    Samuel Mayieka   8 hours ago

    There is no Giant Sunroof🤔 you can get that from a 2010 Nissan qashqai

  • Jack Le
    Jack Le   9 hours ago

    3:04 nice Hanes product placement there

  • Fatah alary
    Fatah alary   9 hours ago

    Is it just me or does this thing look like a 2019 Ford Expedition?

  • Theincsupport
    Theincsupport   10 hours ago

    Let’s call it the Kia Ascent! oh wait....

  • Matt Rodriguez
    Matt Rodriguez   10 hours ago

    Saw one on the road today it looks nice not to bulky as a regular suv it looks sharp and the head lights are awesome

  • Marlon Vasquez
    Marlon Vasquez   10 hours ago

    Just as I watch this the telluride commercial comes on

  • treyatl2006
    treyatl2006   11 hours ago

    I like it but I would have to get the top trim fully loaded. He should have reviewed the top trim version. And it's still in the low $40ks.

    MARTIN WOOLDRIDGE   12 hours ago

    It’s big enough for 2 V6 engines. One engine to drive the vehicle and one for a generator to run all the electronics.

  • fisherman557
    fisherman557   12 hours ago

    Doug is the type of guy to wear Hanes underwear

  • Alexandre Berthiaume
    Alexandre Berthiaume   13 hours ago

    price is really competitive for what it offers, look a bit like a suburban but better

  • honestguy77 !
    honestguy77 !   14 hours ago


    DARIUS MARK   14 hours ago

    I can telluride is a soccer mom suv

    DARIUS MARK   14 hours ago

    Meanwhile at Kia ok ok ok guys we should make a new suv but what should it be called? The telluride. Good idea.

  • leonsennin
    leonsennin   15 hours ago

    Wait you live in my neighborhood?! and this is the first time I see one of your vids, oh gee how come I barely found ya

  • fahim khan
    fahim khan   17 hours ago

    2020 is here still driving 90's Toyota corolla what a poor i am😌😌

  • thespig13
    thespig13   17 hours ago

    Kia's developmental team: "how many USB ports and cupholders should we put in it"Kia's CEO: Yesss

  • Number Two
    Number Two   18 hours ago

    Is the Telluride bigger than the Borrego?

  • dexpolizzi
    dexpolizzi   18 hours ago

    Doug, how does this compare to the VW Atlas?

  • iAm
    iAm   21 hours ago

    Seems like a great car if you ask me.No cheesy or fancy stuff...Simple and useful features instead.Well done Kia!

  • private private
    private private   21 hours ago

    is there more room in the third row when the 2nd row has Captain chairs rather than bench seats? a youtuber bought the Captain seats version and claimed there was comfy room for a 6ft tall adult in the third row. he also claimed that the Captain chairs were more comfortable and that the bench seats have a firmer less comfortable feel. I feel like I want bench seats for the seating, but I also want comfortable sitting in both the 2nd and 3rd rows.

  • Pablo Smith
    Pablo Smith   21 hours ago

    Big SUV's for big people, for big purchases at the big Costco warehouse, for consuming big. Makes sense actually.

  • Joseph Walsh
    Joseph Walsh   22 hours ago

    Doug is the type of guy that always makes sure the doors are locked when he is driving

  • Curtis Jarvis
    Curtis Jarvis   23 hours ago

    How do you buy a 2020 car three months into 2019?

  • Da Fire King
    Da Fire King   1 days ago

    you should try to get a rivian rs1 and try that