Everything Wrong With Monsters vs. Aliens

  • Published on: 14 March 2019
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    Wow. This is a movie that came and went and is almost forgotten to time. But Monsters vs. Aliens DOES ultimately have sins. So we counted them. It's what we do.

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    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 16:43
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  • Jasper Seagraves
    Jasper Seagraves   1 hours ago

    "That's 5 AM. Nobody's awake at 5 AM except weathermen, newspaper carriers, and vampires." So fast food workers must be robots? Some of them are awake at 2 AM or earlier, especially if they work the sunrise or graveyard shift. Don't ask me how I got that information, it's not like I work as a lowly cashier in a Hardee's or anything.

  • Mr Magic
    Mr Magic   1 hours ago

    2:55 This goes on for some time.

  • Ray-Ray Pacheco
    Ray-Ray Pacheco   1 hours ago

    I'll be honest. I was expecting a "The Shape of Water" reference in this one.

  • Frozen ao D.M.
    Frozen ao D.M.   3 hours ago

    marys moms daughers mom is my moms mom what am i to marys daugher

  • JessieTheKitty
    JessieTheKitty   10 hours ago

    watching this reminding me of the movie makes me cringe so hard lul

  • neorenamon
    neorenamon   12 hours ago

    Actually they can have up to 99,999 monsters before adding another number....and Ginormica just happens to be 49' 11 1/2" inches tall because... what? Attack of the 50' Tall Woman was already taken?

  • GiantsSpence145
    GiantsSpence145   12 hours ago

    Kid you not I searched for this video last week and was disappointed it hadn't been covered yet. So this is a very pleasant surprise

  • Pichu’s Place
    Pichu’s Place   12 hours ago

    Another episode of: What The Hell Is On My Recommended List?Cinema Sins. Ok

  • Siev
    Siev   12 hours ago

    I was confused af by that getting crushed by the asteroid sound as a kid. Like seriously wtf was that?

  • Shadow's Bane
    Shadow's Bane   13 hours ago

    1:56 my dad is awake at 5am to get ready to go to his work

  • Squishy Chicken
    Squishy Chicken   13 hours ago

    The gas station didn't go back to normal. One sin removed.

  • Nathaniel Wilch
    Nathaniel Wilch   14 hours ago

    Now every time I see something stupid in a movie/show I say it out loud and like cinema sins!

  • Klishar122
    Klishar122   15 hours ago

    Allow me, if you will, to do the math here:So a studio, on average, gets half of the box office. Assuming all numbers CinemaSins provided are accurate, this movie made $381 million worldwide and cost $175 million to make.So $381 million divided by 2 = $190.5 million that the studio got to keep.Subtract $175 million for the production budget, and the studio got to keep $14.5 million.And that's not even counting marketing. Which is usually almost the amount that went into production. Unless they seriously skimped on the marketing budget (or just didn't spend any money on marketing at all), this means the movie probably could be written off as a Soylo-level box office bomb.

  • Guffa95
    Guffa95   15 hours ago

    14:25 It's called 'scuttling' Jeremy

  • Kaeden Johnson
    Kaeden Johnson   15 hours ago

    can we get everything wrong with cloudy with a chance of meatballs?

  • Planet Boom
    Planet Boom   16 hours ago

    What I learned from this video:I'm a vampire

  • Dank bois YT
    Dank bois YT   17 hours ago

    6:34 You're getting a sin for that joke

  • anxious_ floss
    anxious_ floss   18 hours ago

    Wait, so she went from small, to big, to small, and back to big again?It's been so long that I can't even remember

  • KrazylassPlayz
    KrazylassPlayz   19 hours ago

    3:01 this is the new roblox death sound they haven't released yet

  • Jordan Artzer
    Jordan Artzer   20 hours ago

    The whatchamacallit stuff in the asteroid could've messed with the keratin in her skin

  • Saba Khazhomia
    Saba Khazhomia   21 hours ago

    13:54 why the f&&k is he calling his clones Alinas? Can't he just say their being name?

  • joe O Flaherty
    joe O Flaherty   22 hours ago

    Oh S*it, Susan's Garter Snapped Off Her Growing Thigh: 1 Sin.

  • Bran Koenig
    Bran Koenig   23 hours ago

    Well older nitrate film burned so easily just looking at it wrong it would catch fire

  • Meme_Reaper61
    Meme_Reaper61   1 days ago