"This is one of New Zealand's darkest days," says Prime Minister on mosque shooting

  • Published on: 15 March 2019
  • Police in New Zealand say multiple people have been killed in shootings at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.
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  • Mohit Kumar Chauhan
    Mohit Kumar Chauhan   1 hours ago

    Muslim don't open their mouth on Islamic terrorist attacks on other religions.....

  • Ozkan Onalan
    Ozkan Onalan   14 hours ago

    Poor naive pm ,this happens if you stand up for palestinians .

  • Glen Gordon
    Glen Gordon   14 hours ago

    its a hoax sheeple a hoax just like every other shooting , the real shootings only make local news , these hoax shootings are all crisis actors, the motive is gun control , if you are still thinking these shootings are real then you need a reality check , wake up and stop feeding the evil corruption , all news is fake , its completely controlled by the evil elite , their power is your ignorance , stop watching and stop believing these lies and they lose their power and we take back our earth , keep feeding the evil and we die by 2025

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan   21 hours ago

    Must be hang that terrorist front of public live ...

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan   21 hours ago

    It’s clear Terrorism , shame on those who support such terrorism channels

  • Dunlop Kuhmo II
    Dunlop Kuhmo II   21 hours ago

    Why hide everything,what are you afraid of?Socialists love any excuse for gun control.When the truth comes out about the shooter----then what?

  • James Richard Retta
    James Richard Retta   22 hours ago

    This is for one reason. To disarm the populous. There is no compassion for Muslims, NZ citizens, stopping terrorism, and no compassion for humanity. This is sophisticated and cold blooded effort to strip NZ citizens of their ability to defend themselves from a corrupt government by taking their guns away from everybody. It was all about guns, not about love for humanity. They setting up a situation in which a future dictatorial government can slip in using force if necessary and they will be, for example, the only people with automatic weapons.

  • Jordan Corish
    Jordan Corish   1 days ago

    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has said that living with terror attacks is 'part and parcel of living in a big city'.

  • Anarchist Atheist
    Anarchist Atheist   1 days ago

    I dont like muslims, and how a lot of them are coming into western countries. But I dont support the intentional murder of innocent civilians. If this piece of shit, criminal, schweinhund wanted to kill muslims he should have enlisted in the military, and killed Islamic terrorists like isis. Not innocent muslims just worshipping their religion in peace.

  • Amin Karim
    Amin Karim   1 days ago

    Hugs and prayers from Canada.Your PM is one classy lady in the way she has conducted herself in this tragedy.

  • Nick Kiennast
    Nick Kiennast   1 days ago

    It is unbelievable that something like that could even happen in this modern times and my condolences to all relatives and people who got involved in this act of terrorism!

  • Msd Yqb
    Msd Yqb   1 days ago

    After alot of researching i came to conclusion all those terriorist attacks are big b.s ,I suggest everyone to research 911 attacks trust it wont take much time to realize it was inside job specially building 7 and how it collapsed,The earth is flat and stationary The moon and the sun are rotation usThere is no big bang , galaxies and spaceThe deception is hugeBecarfull every one and do your own research

  • Joker
    Joker   1 days ago

    Before you judge the man to harshly, take a look at this picture: @tGoogle: muslim rape gangs in EnglandAnd read this article: @t

  • MJ
    MJ   1 days ago

    I’m sick 😷 and damn tired of these damn terrorist.. I’m sick of people saying your a racist if u call it what it is.. bring yo A$$ to a place where we shoot back.. poor people!

  • Sid Debgupta
    Sid Debgupta   1 days ago

    Actually it is one of the brightest days for the Christian west, which is on an inexorable path to Islamization.

  • Bryan Iseli
    Bryan Iseli   1 days ago

    the police were told to stand down...

  • Unstable Wun
    Unstable Wun   1 days ago

    Who's watching in 2019 allah's a stinky camel molestorer

  • dacii mini
    dacii mini   2 days ago

    No....this is the best defense for your own country.

  • IH H
    IH H   2 days ago

    Typicall, people in america act like islam is such a big problem for them when so much more bad stuff that happened in america and the rest of the world that muslims didn't do, like start the first and second war, holocaust etc. When a white man does this it's murder but when a Muslim does this it's terrorism. World leaders have expressed their condolences but funny enough the only one I have trouble believing is sincere is Trump. With him as president white nationalism will continue to rose, hate crime had risen a lot since he became president

  • MI 6
    MI 6   2 days ago

    Some filthy Muslim fuckers less on this planet. Excellent.

  • Déâd Mãñ
    Déâd Mãñ   2 days ago

    U killed our elders women and even our kids !! well trust me table will turn so soon I promise 👈

  • jai ibvr
    jai ibvr   2 days ago

    Its a set up, trying to disarm new zealanders so they can do more of the same. Globalist agenda clear as daylight :)Resist the lies NZ.

  • Z Phish
    Z Phish   2 days ago

    Why no discussion about the other two attackers? The video clearly shows two people wearing baseball caps, whereas the shooter was wearing a helmet and video recording the attack with a go-pro type camera on his helmet. So why are you concealing the fact that there were no less than three attackers? Also why no discussion about the link between the Christchurch attack and the North Korea Embassy break-in in Spain? Same M/O. The perpetrators were para-military trained. The video clearly shows they are well trained in "breach and clear" tactics. This was not just a "lone gunman", this was a well funded, well organized and well trained attack. Why are you covering up these facts? The victims families deserve the truth! It seems you are trying to use this horrible attack as a political tool. The main shooter himself wrote that he hopes his actions start a civil war in the USA. I've read all his posts and writings. He was an eco-fascist (which is a far left ideology). Another interesting thing he posed was his love of Pakistan and the Pakistani people when he went to the Hunza valley for a vacation once. Very odd for a "white supremacist" to share.

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  • Stock Footage
    Stock Footage   2 days ago

    Where is her burqa ? It's the darkest day becos she is a muslem

  • MrCoreylax
    MrCoreylax   2 days ago

    its not a gun issue its a hate issue.There's so much hate in this world will it ever end?

  • yamtartheturk real
    yamtartheturk real   2 days ago

    As a muslim “I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment.(Malcom X)”

  • MNF News
    MNF News   2 days ago


  • sherry hodges
    sherry hodges   2 days ago

    It sure is. New Zealand surrenders it’s freedom to false flags

  • mark scarboro
    mark scarboro   2 days ago

    Probably a gov operation to take the Kiwis guns. They have probably forgotten the battle of the Coral Sea.