Dark & Relaxing Hand Movements for Sleep | 60fps ASMR

  • Published on: 14 March 2019
  • It's dark...it's relaxing...it's dark and relaxing hand movements! I get an adorable amount of requests for more of these -- ask and you shall receive. Sleep well friends.

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    The last ASMR video to help me sleep:

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  • Runtime : 20:31
  • gibi asmr dark and relaxing hand movement movements for sleep sleep sleepy relax relaxing visual trigger triggers fingers pluck plucking anxiety anxieties stress relief monochrome black and white tweezing tweeze snip snipping scissors finger flutters


  • Gibi ASMR
    Gibi ASMR   6 days ago

    Ayy we're on trending! Welcome to my ASMR channel! ^_^ You can find out what ASMR is here in this corny yet educational video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFqbWwKg_o4

  • Sauce Can3
    Sauce Can3   6 hours ago

    3:23 that face u give your teacher when you accidentally swear

  • Marie Velius
    Marie Velius   7 hours ago

    More of this please! this was so soothing !

  • Stromboli
    Stromboli   9 hours ago


  • Heroviusss
    Heroviusss   10 hours ago

    And here’s another type of my favorite asmr video!

  • Elie Bedard
    Elie Bedard   12 hours ago

    20 minutes of goodness.The best video in YouTube asmr ever. I’m shook.

  • Caleb Gross
    Caleb Gross   12 hours ago

    Gibi asmr logic = does a black and white video, but still puts on a lot of makeup Funny joke

  • James Oliphant
    James Oliphant   14 hours ago

    "Look at my face instead"Me: Oh,thought that was what I was doing this whole time 😨

  • Neptunus72
    Neptunus72   18 hours ago

    Do you also watch asmr but dont say enyone you watch becouse you think they find it wierd

  • DolfieWolfie
    DolfieWolfie   18 hours ago

    I think this is the most human contact i have ever had

  • Cesar K.
    Cesar K.   21 hours ago

    Its like im in my mother again..thank you gibi

  • Joselyn Sterling
    Joselyn Sterling   21 hours ago

    Yikes. I can’t believe the amount of dislikes on this video. This is definitely one of my favorites.😍😍😍

  • Jordan Underleiter
    Jordan Underleiter   1 days ago

    Me : Tries to do wrist thing she did Me 2 seconds later: HOLY SHIT I THINK I BROKE MY WRIST

  • Nene Killaa
    Nene Killaa   1 days ago

    Gibi: do you mind if I brush some of that off your face? Me: uhhh yeah I do, I'm saving that for later.

  • Xero
    Xero   1 days ago

    Did anybody else just get off of a nostalgic Minecraft trip back in time? No just me? Ok I’ll go cry in the corner while listening to C418 Sweden :_(

  • Colleen Nash
    Colleen Nash   1 days ago

    I'm convinced Gibi is the most beautiful person in the world.

  • jacob guilty
    jacob guilty   1 days ago

    im gonna have this video in the background to combat my inattentive ADD while i do my homework🤓😬 first time trying this here we go

  • Aman Jassal
    Aman Jassal   1 days ago

    @Gibi ASMR: Many thanks for your awesome work, very soothing and relaxing. Yes, I know which video you are alluding to. It's from WillowsWhisper: https://youtu.be/M8k_L_64GDM

  • Savannah Lynn
    Savannah Lynn   1 days ago

    Yo wtf I’m like four minutes in and for some reason my mind couldn’t comprehend that the video was in black and white

  • GalacticCyn
    GalacticCyn   1 days ago

    I'm so glad you made another one of these. Your hand movements never fail to make me drop off to sleep. You're a lifesaver, Gibi ^_^

  • Luis Madriz
    Luis Madriz   1 days ago

    Anyone else hear the ocean whenever she moves her arms? Amazing!

  • JustJoe ASMR
    JustJoe ASMR   1 days ago

    Its amazing how much difference the visual quality upgrade makes to my ASMR. I wouldn't have never thought it!

  • Rogue Blade
    Rogue Blade   2 days ago