Ariana Grande "thank u, next" Interview

  • Published on: 09 February 2019
  • #ArianaGrande stopped by the studio to talk about her new album "thank u, next"

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  • Runtime : 1:23:37
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  • Jay Leal
    Jay Leal   43 minuts ago

    Interviewers usually suck. I’m super impressed. Good job.

  • prettyway
    prettyway   2 hours ago

    victoria's voice is so calming omg

  • alyssa a
    alyssa a   2 hours ago

    first of all I came here as an Ari stan, but leaving as a stan of literally everyone on camera skskskkskskskskALSO victoria and tommy???? make it work <3 I super stan

  • vondonstrut218
    vondonstrut218   3 hours ago

    lol now i kinda get why ariana always does that breathy high pitched talked. its how victoria monet speaks. its cool that ariana is becoming more comfortable with her natural speaking voice tho.

  • katie Davis
    katie Davis   3 hours ago

    Tbh in my head is what I’m feelin to

  • Thank U, Next
    Thank U, Next   3 hours ago

    And people at school ask me why I like her so much smh

  • 1212cars
    1212cars   4 hours ago

    “jesus CHROIST” im cryingggg

  • Amelia Mapstone
    Amelia Mapstone   4 hours ago

    I loooove Ariana, and now I'm convinced she's totally an empath. <3 God Bless.

  • patrick bai
    patrick bai   5 hours ago

    The moment u realize Zach sang is such a good interviewer and friend that Ariana only did one interview for thank u, next and it was on this show

  • Jamie Ryan Storey
    Jamie Ryan Storey   5 hours ago

    "If I'm honest, I don't wanna see. I'm good. I've seen enough."MOOD.(But seriously, I really need to start wearing glasses again because I'm blind as fuck too.)

  • Prince The Dog
    Prince The Dog   5 hours ago

    Im glad Zach is still pushing with the questions but still knows when he oversteps

  • LG
    LG   6 hours ago

    I really hate how hard she is not herself. I say fuck everyone and say whatever you want Ariana. From tears strength will come. I can't imagine someone looking at her and everything that she's been through and not understanding that this shit is real life. Unfortunately I'm broke ass fuck so I can't afford any concert tickets but you bet your ass I'm going to be streaming her album all the damn time in support

  • Nina S
    Nina S   7 hours ago

    omg where did she get this hoodie? is bomb

  • Susan A.
    Susan A.   8 hours ago

    Take a shot the amount of times Ariana says “like” you gunna get wreckedddd

  • Phoebe Beddows
    Phoebe Beddows   9 hours ago

    random but anyone know the timecode for when she did the Julie Andrews impression? ty xo

  • orphicana
    orphicana   9 hours ago

    after just watching a jesschci 'tea time' video i'm a bit shooketh, i've just realised how much she tries to be like ari wowcha but love u ari x

  • lexi
    lexi   9 hours ago

    Tayla is very black. She don’t do pets in the bed with you 😂😂😂

  • Indy Chloee
    Indy Chloee   9 hours ago

    my WH0LE LiFE HAS BEEN A LiE !!!!!she’s the same height as me & i’ve been thinkin she’s 5’0 ........ welllllll

  • Caitlin Montgomery
    Caitlin Montgomery   9 hours ago

    Imma be honest and say that the interviewer needs to learn to read behaviour better - he was really pressin her with questions about ghostin, and you could see her getting uncomfortable. It made me cringe and I wish he would have changed the subject...

  • Indy Chloee
    Indy Chloee   10 hours ago

    “ shut ur mouth “ lmao skksksksksk

  • Lena Carina
    Lena Carina   10 hours ago

    I was watching this interview and I'm like "Wow, this girl really describes me in way i couldn't " and I knew where she was coming from. Even though she didn't finish all the sentences and some might not have made sense to people that don't think like her.. but then she said she's such a cancer and I was thinking that all the time because I was born 4 days after her and I think the way she thinks.. man I can relate to so much. I wish she was one of my friends. She loves so hard, she has been through so much, she still fights every day to be strong. She's just such a lovely person who only cares about family, friends, dogs and music. All the other material things she doesnt care about and that makes her so special. I'm really proud that this generation has such a beautiful inside and out, talented person that wants to make this world better by giving love.

  • Raunaq Nambiar
    Raunaq Nambiar   12 hours ago

    I love this interview, but I think better questions could have been asked. Still loved the interview though.

  • Olivia Faith
    Olivia Faith   13 hours ago

    Ayeee I’m a Taurus , can I be part of the group now?

  • Sass Quo
    Sass Quo   15 hours ago


  • Angela
    Angela   15 hours ago

    Oh my god he interrupted her soooo many times

  • Nicole Wang
    Nicole Wang   15 hours ago

    20:51 when she talks about ghostin. my heart.

  • shanahan2011
    shanahan2011   16 hours ago

    When they were talking about Pittsburgh and she said “I nearly said me too” she looked so sad after 🖤💛😔

  • Didi Aesthete
    Didi Aesthete   16 hours ago

    She's so cute and just the most amazing person ever. This is easily one of my fave interviews ever just cuz it's real, raw, and honest.