HomePod 2, New iPhone 11 Leaks, Touch ID 3, SE 2 & More Apple News!

  • Published on: 10 February 2019
  • Latest Apple News & Leaks! Future HomePod Features, New iPhone 11 Feature Leaks, a Green iPhone XR 2, Full Screen Touch ID, iPhone SE 2 & XR 2 & More! Tons of stuff to talk about.

    iOS 13 Info Roundup: https://youtu.be/EAx8abeKOSE
    Last iPhone 11 Leaks: https://youtu.be/dUpco5XNp4c
    Juul 2 Parody: https://youtu.be/UoaU7duB0mk

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  • Runtime : 13:48
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  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro   1 weeks ago

    Hey and guys this video was super hard to make no joke, we worked for 2 days on it so would appreciate a 👍. Thanks everyone for supporting my Apple dream ❤️

  • Raw2929 Will
    Raw2929 Will   12 hours ago

    Drop the price i would not buy any new iPhone

  • Justin Avery
    Justin Avery   21 hours ago

    Wonder if the HomePod2 will be able to play from YouTube, SoundCloud...etc. There should be HomePod minis too for the other rooms in your house if you wanted more than one.

  • yondaime297
    yondaime297   1 days ago

    Inscreen fingerprint and camera would be the next step up

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith   1 days ago

    There aren’t enough tech advancements in Apple phones. Minimal upgrades and problematic updates that ruin hardware and pricing isn’t worth what you get. I’ll be switching to android on my next phone.

  • Anna Kazi
    Anna Kazi   1 days ago

    The bird may be thinking like I'm gonna poop on the I phone cause I'm emmbarist that it is so expensive and has no major redisign

  • Ross Packer
    Ross Packer   1 days ago

    Reuters- ‘Roy-ters’ not Roo-ters’ Roos are what we have in Australia (kangaroos)

  • Lonellama4500
    Lonellama4500   1 days ago

    Glad I’m watching these videos because I’m still stuck using my se and been waiting for the perfect iPhone and I been saving up for the 2019 versions which I have enough for and I saw the Samsung s10+ and that model looks hot but Samsung don’t provide privacy and protection so no thank you but yeah watching your videos keeps my hopes up for waiting and keep up the hard good work.

  • trstnhn
    trstnhn   1 days ago

    What's with the iPhones with full screen? Stop dreaming, they aren't happening. You'll have to see a different hardware oriented company do it first, and then maybe after a year you'll see it on the iPhones. But 100%, Apple is not a hardware innovator, so it's funny to see iPhones with bezel-less full screens when even hardware companies are not capable of doing that yet.

  • *Zls one*
    *Zls one*   1 days ago

    Most funny episode ever, 😂

  • ImaBuB-_- Gaming
    ImaBuB-_- Gaming   1 days ago

    dude if the se2 comes out i will buy it.. it looks so good

  • Nkh
    Nkh   1 days ago

    Just be clever and buy andriod

  • Andy Huynh
    Andy Huynh   2 days ago

    That‘s the most hood bird I‘ve seen😂

  • Rishabh Sr
    Rishabh Sr   2 days ago

    Hope to get an apple device from a pro(u)

  • Wes Smith
    Wes Smith   2 days ago

    Pretty sure HomePod has an A8 processor in it dude.

  • David yu
    David yu   2 days ago

    When I had the 6s it slipped I think because of aluminum but the x doesn’t seem to slip, just that it’s thin, I think. When I had the se it slipped even when it was not curved. Repair for both phones was a pricey. Not everyone works in companies or some professional field where they would need something that looks expensive, sophisticated like having a gold color like the xs. At least I don’t. I just want something that works consistently after two years, like the 6s and se. But of course app design, navigation, functionality is a different thing. Of course that’s what everyone would want working even after two years. I’m just saying about the outside of the phone

  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith   2 days ago

    Apple would make a lot more money if they made smaller, less expensive, models of the home pod like Amazon

  • pajamasandmore
    pajamasandmore   2 days ago

    Cute bird. I think the bird is a spy from Google angry because iPhones are better lol.

  • Derek O’Brien
    Derek O’Brien   2 days ago

    Hey I live in the PNW also and I got some 4 foot drifts but I do love in the more east side of the state WA

  • Cole Sebastian
    Cole Sebastian   2 days ago

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  • The Car Destroyers
    The Car Destroyers   2 days ago

    Not Red, Not Blue, Maybe Coral, Not white, Maybe Black, Not yellow.

  • How 2 lunch food
    How 2 lunch food   2 days ago

    All apple needs is a big update, and they need to lower their prices alot

  • Ashley Hickmott
    Ashley Hickmott   3 days ago

    Agreed, Apple need to lower the prices to something around £700 so everyone can afford it, that way there should be more sales, leading to the same (or more) profit as £1000 iPhones.